I was so tired of yelling

at my kids to clean their rooms every single day.  I tried to make cleaning fun with the clean up song that motivated them to clean up so nicely at daycare, yet did not seem to work at home.  I tried to buy bookshelves, bins, totes, you name it, to organize.


It never helped.

My girls kept wanting more and more toys and never wanted to clean up and care for the toys that they already had cluttering up their rooms.


Finally, I had enough!


I told my girls that they better clean up or their toys would leave and find help at The Underground Toy Society.  It is a place where lost, lonely, and forgotten toys go to find help.  When my girls would not clean, their toys mysteriously disappeared overnight.


They learned pretty quickly that if they did not want their favorite stuffies to leave, they should clean up or their toys would go find new homes with the help of The Underground Toy Society.


I thought other parents might like the help of The Underground Toy Society as well.  It is a way to actually inspire kids to clean up without even asking or yelling.  If kids do not want their toys to leave, they clean them up.


So subscribe for a free printable to motivate kids to clean their rooms.  If you want to read the children's books, check out my online store or go to the contact page for more options.


Happy Reading and Cleaning! 


Jessica D. Adams